Specially designed rehab suites and dedicated teams

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GO Rehabilitation
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Delivering rehab with results, the GO Program offers a
concierge approach to recovery from illness, injury or surgery,
making the rehab experience more comfortable and
convenient — as well as more engaging and enjoyable.

Let’s get you moving and back home stronger.

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Elevate your recovery with enhanced clinical rehab and
upscale amenities, bringing you back to a thriving life.

GO Technology

Superior rehab
equipment leads
to superior results.

GO Living

Exclusive amenities
enhance the rehab

GO First-Class

An elevated approach
to rehab makes your
stay an enjoyable one.

The only short-term
rehabilitation center
in the country where
you might never
want to leave.

Upon admission, you’ll be placed in a private or
semi-private room where you can enjoy branded
coffee while streaming content from Netflix.
Our goal is to make your stay with us as
comfortable as possible.

Let’s GO!

GO Rehab Technology

Achieve great
outcomes with GO
Rehab Technology

In the GO Program, you’ll get unique access to
cutting-edge rehab technology—superior
equipment that leads to superior results.

Discover the GO advantage

Onsite physician
5 days a week
RN staffing

GO Concierge

Yes, more engaging
and enjoyable.

We take a concierge approach to your care,
making your rehab experience more
exclusive, comfortable and convenient—as
well as more efficient and effective—with
happy hour and enhanced dining.

GO Dining

When it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat well. Select from a full menu of nutritious, delicious options, including omelets, paninis, salads and more.

GO Social

The GO Program is a wonderful community that enjoys spending quality time—and getting stronger—together.

GO Recreation

From awesome onsite entertainment to social activities, from guided nature walks to personal hobbies, life here is lived to the fullest.

GO Amenities

GO where great rehab meets the good life

*Services may vary by location